Saturday, March 15, 2008

7th belated Star Wars birthday party

Another birthday party done! No, none of my kids are born in march but December was a bad month for us and it took the 2 succeeding months to get back on my game-- which brings us to last night. It is a great feeling when you have pulled off a major venture and today I am basking in post party relief. I am a big fan of the homemade party- anyone can spend hundreds to rent a place and buy a cake but "cool moms make it from scratch". I also firmly believe in the mantra "having fun doesn't have to cost alot of $". So for those of you on a budget I will break it down for you for a complete fun stars wars evening party at home for 7 seven year olds for $72.

The sequence of events:
1. "droid and speeder building with legos"- basically free play with the the giant underbed bins we have filled with legos. They were so into this I could barely break them away for the rest of the party. Cost= free (recycled use of Christmas presents- LOL) We took pictures of all the kids with their creations! Here is SS#1 with his speeder 2. "refreshment at Mos Eisely Cantina"- aka pizza and drinks, paper goods. cost=$20.00
3. "galactic creations"- acrylic paintings on black canvasboards cost =$5.00
4. "yodas swamp relay" think 2 room obstacle course/relay in the dark with glow in the dark bracelets complete with light saber battling (pvc pipe covered with 1/2 pool noodle and duct tape wrapped handle for each child) cost=$9 here is ss#1 pre party in part of yodas swamp
5. "festive celebration"- homemade R2D2 cake (here is a link to my how to make r2d2 cake tutorial) with marshmallow fondant and ice cream, opening presents. cost=$10
6. "miscellaneous intergalactic atmosphere"- itunes star wars down loads (some killer disco variations included), giant Darth Vader balloon, streamers, shreds, party favors star wars sports bottles and star wars colored pencils from target one spot cost=$28

Everyone had a great time in fact none of the kids wanted to leave so I'll call it a success.


Chel said...

Happy Birthday! Very cool Star Wars birthday party!! Way to go Mama!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Cool Mom!!! I was getting tired of the run-of-the-mill parties and this is perfect for my soon to be 8 year old! Thanks for Posting it!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I will harm someone 4 that R2D2 cake! jk, looks yummy! XD