Friday, January 05, 2007

of freud, fantasy, and wish fulfillment

Freud talked about how our buried emotions and desires surface in our dreams and our dreams enable subconscious wish fulfillment.

so the other day I dreamt about running errands and buying a dowel at Michael's to secure the tall layers of the 3-D rocket cake for smart son's birthday party together-(just wait until you see it- I am making it tonight) Sometimes I have really cool dreams (call it the work of a creative mind) like the time i dreamt in blog- but this was disappointingly mundane

I decided I must be pretty boring at heart if my deepest desires/fantasies are to go to Michael's
Although I am sure Freud would have something to say about out the rocket cake!
(BTW- love this childrens picture book on this subject of Freudian wish fulfillment- called What Do Ducks Dream- no only is it a cute story but the illustrations/collages are by Donald Saaf)


Jamie said...

Where did you get the Freud action doll?

smartmama said... they sell a whole bunch of historical action figures- and on the creme brulee try adjusting the flame length and go around the outside edges- in little circle motions- fairly close to the surface

Malka said...

Thanks for writing this.