Thursday, January 11, 2007

love, smart mama

well life is crazy here ---1/2 our family has pneumonia and i have no time to blog so i will give you a compilation of ways to say I love you so you can start planning a rocking valentines day for your spouse, kids, friends, etc. These are lists 250 Ways to Say I Love You I compiled for some classes and workshops i gave and and the list of 50 were my favorite new ideas from students in one of the parenting classes i taught at BYU.

And smart mama will also issue you a challenge to go out of your way and do something loving for someone this week and then report (either via comment of on your blog)! You can make the world better- one person and one day at a time.


Julie P said...

Fantastic! Thank you!

Gabriela said...

Thanks for the ideas-I am going to print this out and put it in my holiday binder.


Gabriela said...

I forgot-hope 1/2 of you feel better soon and that the other 1/2 stay healthy.