Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I made it!

I 'm home!! I got in last night- which is a feat in and of itself (if you know smart baby- you will know why my mom and dad offered to fly me and smart baby home while smart daddy-o drove with smart son and were in fact standing by on travelocity to make instant reservations in case smart daddy-o left us at some airport on the way between virginia and home because things got too ugly). But I took one for the team and in the name of family bonding passed up a quick, semi luxurious ride- for being crammed into the station wagon for 11 hours in the role of official snack passer outer, navigator, and chief entertainment provider.

I am sorry I haven't blogged christmas- i planned on it but things were busy at my parents house and the dial-up (they have no high speed available where they live) is enought to make you rant and cry in the torture of slow loading! and i left all the pics there- so Christmas is coming in a week or so...And I have not forgotten you and your blogs- again blame my parents dial up-

We got home at 7:30 and I madly set to work getting things ready for the show I am hanging today- 19 pieces! I had to make cards for the backs, title cards for the wall, print price lists, artist statments, bios, and get those framed, varnish and yet unvarnished pieces, and get everythign in their frames and ready to go. This is the last time I agree to hang an art show the day after I return from Christmas break.
(okay I edited this- I just came back from hanging- here is the lobby piece)

On a sad note- I heard yesterday that the prinicpal at smart son's school died. I still remember sharing a table with her at the first PTO meeting and talking about her plans for the next few years. She was diagnosed with cancer in October- and an acting principal took over- and here a 2 months later she is gone. She was a kind and good woman who made a difference in the lives of many children. The world will always miss great people. So here is in memory of you Mrs. S. -You will remind us today to do good and use wisely the precious time we have.


aubrey said...

your artwork is so funky and cool..i love it! welcome back from your vaca, happy new year and thanks for coming to my blog!

smartmama said...

thanks- its fun to fill the scarce spare moments with

Julie P said...

Good luck at the show! I see those red chains I just love. :)

Zoe said...

Oh I am so excited for you to have a show!! Good luck, not that you need it! Let us know how it goes.