Friday, December 23, 2005

smart mama's christmas

okay- so i finally have time to work on my blog-- only because all of the rest of the family is out of the house engaged in festive holiday activities and i am being sacrificial mom- staying home with baby who is napping. actually i really hate Christmas crowds and the strapping and unstrapping of carseats so i chose to stay home.

trouble is i am not home-- where i can work on that tea towel i wanted to embroider or that vintage apron i wanted to sew (i know you think i am jesting with reference to there stereotypical 1950's domestic tasks) but i am serious- those 2 items are on the top of my project list.

but christmas is a favorite time of year for me-- i love, yes love chosing children's toy-- maybe i am a controlling mother-- but really it's the thrill of the hunt-- creating the optimum, child development promoting and fun toy collection of the course of my childrens childhood (while mainting a strict 50$ per yr per child toy budget) so it's half about finding the worlds greatest bargains through the year to maximize that! Maybe the whole MS in child development predisposes me to this mania--and i have to say my favorite "what are you getting your boys for Christmas this year" friend was also a teacher. Our children could one day be college roommates and reminsce about their childhood toys with a sense of collective experience-- "oh i had the middle eastern wood block set" "hey me too" "i had thomas and lionel trains-becasue my mom likes realistic toys" "hey we had both too".

I love playing with the toys- i love seeing the toys spark thought, knowledge, imagination. There is some sick joy in the assembly of such things as the playmobil grocery store that brings and immense sense of accomplishment-- like creating miniature worlds - bags of hundreds of tiny labels-- an ikeaesque instruction manual (which you can quickly abandon- after you pickup the playmobil learning curve) Its sad but i feel more excited doing things like that than say going through college graduation--(amazing how the events that are supposed to fill us with pride and accomplishment are cheesy and boring) i'd feel much more accomplishment assembling an entire playmobil city!

so Merry Christmas to all-- wishing you hours of assembly fun and childish delights

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