Monday, December 05, 2005

are you a smart mama? take the test

1 Does the droning of NPR hold a special allure for you?
2. Do you "just say no" to sheeplike following and devout adherence to psychodribble of such unqualified lifestyle experts: oprah or "judge (insert first name)"?
3. Do libraries depress you- because you think so may books so little time?
4. Do all museums and cutural venues get you going? (okay--make that some after all there are some lame things out there)?
5. Do you wonder how anyone with a real conscience can wear $1000 shoes? (if you wear $1000 shoes, or are in other ways extremely extravagant please exit this blog immediately, sell your shoes on ebay and buy a ticket to most locations in asia or africa and don't come back until you have seen how real people live)
6. Dinner party conversation topics prompted by reading The New York Times or OK magazine?
7. If an artsy or foreign film is in you dvd player- 10 smart mama points for you?
8. Do you think you are smart? (if you don't, get some confudence and come back later)
9. If you've ever watched nova or scientific american frontiers (classroom settings don't count)- another 10 points/

more to come

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