Monday, December 05, 2005

Smart mama

that's quite a self engranding title isn't it, but i'll be honest I chose the title because it fits i am a smart mama. With that said i'll elaborate

What is a smart mama?

Take the word smart-- likely if you are reading this you have grown up in a world post "howard gardnder's multiple intelligences revolution" so you likely have a contemporary framework for understanding intelligence -- for the old people who think that means IQ score (it doesn't, but then again IQ score it never hurts) smart means good skilled in any number of ways, smart means you think, you question a lot- especially what are culture feeds us and are wildly leery of advice distributed via the mass market. You care about what you are doing not aimless shuffling with crowd of in our ever isolated, disposable, tech- driven, virtual, consumer world (kind of funny to type that in a blog) for those of you picture types, who want a mental image think subway car in rush hour. everyone should at least try to be smart.

okay on to the mom topic
I have to say the smartest women I know are moms (or would love nothing more than to be moms- my plug for those single gals or those dealing with infertility) they are math smart--as a former math club member I write out my equation for you

1 smart mom + 2 kids =3 smart people

1 smart woman + 0 kids= 1 smart person

which sum is greater?

smart women are supposed to work- stupid women are supposed to be moms- or that's what we are told- my 11th grade chem partner robbie was deflated when i told him i planned to stay home when i had kids- he lectured me that my solemn duty and moral obligation, as the class "brain child" was to find a cure for cancer or some other grandiose accomplishment. i recently read an article in child magazine- it was about mogul moms- talking about balancing career and kids-- one mom said her kids sat her down and told her they thought she had missed their childhood-- she explained to them she hadn't she had come home on weekends and carried them around in a backpack sometimes when she was doing work in the city and they felt much better after that talk--oh i am sure they did -- if you kids tell you you missed their childhood- then, you did. you can't go back and change that-- that boat has sailed. I chose not to sell my time as a mother- my kids need me-- they need me to be smart- to help them to be smart- i chose to be a great mom, a be-there mom, just call me one smart mama


Steph said...
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Steph said...

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I totally agree with you Smartmama! Well said.