Friday, December 23, 2005

Apron fantasy

yes i need to post my thoughts on aprons-- lately i spend my occupied time (washing dishes, in the tub, changing diapers, riding in the car) thinking, designing, fantasizing about sewing vintage style aprons-- I think feminsm destroyed the apron-- they used to be stylish, kitschy, fitted, cute- now they look like lead aprons- giant unisex swarths of industrial fabric- what happened to a cute flirty chintz? anyway i obsessed with making them-- returning fun feminity to kitchen work- after all who doesn't want to look cute- aprons should not simply be utilitarian- but anyway i would like to start a glam apron movement-- so i call on the kitchen goddesses to unite- you cook better than a man so why try to look like one in the kitchen!


Linsey said...

lol!!! I love it. You find a glam apron and I will join your revolution.

Alissa said...

sew me one too

bon said...

you make 'em and I will buy one...but I'm not really looking for flounce...just a little funky beading and a trim of satin ribbon. Maybe a wee bit of fronge action. Not 80's fringe, but like a frayed denim edge fringe.