Sunday, December 04, 2005

flavor of the week

okay- so i will admit it i am a "flavor of the week" sort of girl. think mr. toad in "the wind in the willows". always a new craze-- so this week it was going back to art school (i had a fab idea for a collection- esp of installation sculptures- but i can't disclose my idea for fear someone will steal it before i get a chance to go back get through art school and do it in say 20 years)-- it was probably prompted by my watching of old "art 21" episodes i checked out from the library during that 10 minutes to kill before preschool pickup.

i am way to easily excited by ideas- i am idea person-- if you asked my greatest talent-- it would be brainstorming-- i wish there was a job where all you did was brainstorm--i would totally rock--if people magazine did a 50 most fabulous brainstormers- i know i'd make the issue- so i am curious to catalogue my whims and see what the flavor of the week is...

dec. o5- go back to art school
jan.06- e-gallery/e-shop

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