Monday, January 17, 2011

label challenged

In keeping up with current social media I feel the need to be on LinkedIn…trouble is I can’t define myself enough to finish my profile. Our society likes you to be one thing. well you are allowed to be 2 things sometimes like a coffee shop barista/struggling actress, or a hip hop artist/reality TV star

But child life specialist/former college faculty/former elem school teacher/artist not so much. See the problem is the connections those spheres are generally very different. And also choosing one seems to delegitimize the other. So how to prioritize?

If I say artist, my educational career feels shot through the heart and dumped in the toilet, if I say child life specialist my art feels like some mere housewife hobby conjuring Bob Ross happy trees images


1. Which do more people know me as… child life specialist based on patient census contact. Now If you go for internet hits artist will win.

2. Which earns more money- hourly… art—ironic huh-- let this be a lesson to all your parents who attempt to encourage your children to be responsible and dissuade them children from pursuing art careers.

3. Which have I invested more in… well given the cost of graduate school (okay I had a scholarship- so I have probably spent more on paints now)

4. Which am I better at…umm I don’t know? you decide…

It has be thinking deeper about our outdated linear, hierarchical, single track view of career paths, a topic I will save for discussing later.

so I guess I am destined to be LinkedIn’s Sybil?? given I read a disturbing article the other day in Scientific American Mind on the links between artists and schizophrenia—-


Jennifer Knight said...

I hear 'ya! I can't remember which "label" I have on linkedin first, but I've got Official Court Reporter, Direct Sales Expert, and Power of Moms Retreat Trainer/Organizer. All very different, yet very much a part of me. I just took the plunge and threw it up there but I'm always afraid that colleagues in whatever item isn't listed first will feel like I'm cheating on my profession with other "lovers" haha :)

Jenny said...

I regret even hitting the linkedin button. Now I ignore it with all the energy my nondescript titles can muster.

LL said...

#1. HOT
#2. WIFE or BLOND (you decide)

hope that helps :-)