Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011’s not quite resolution

well I am not really a hard and fast goal setter, crazy I know. I don’t do well with resolutions because well I am not the most disciplined person in the world and I actually detest overly structured things- they suffocate me (I know so surprising to hear this from an artist). Also because fundamentally I disagree with being so set on one path that I don’t take advantage of other things as they arise. I always prefer to do “end of year evolutions” instead of new years resolution (that is where I go through what I accomplished in the last year and say wow that was a great year—plus it is so much more reaffirming). I love the unexpected way opportunities and experiences unfold. This year I am semi- breaking my own no resolution rule and setting a goal of kicking out 50 paintings this year? can I do it—not sure, but it sounds really fun. So far this year I have done 6 and 3 (1/2s) and its only the 16th of January… so we’ll see what this year holds.

One of the pieces I completed this past week street view 30x40 acrylic on canvas.

IMG_4021 copy


Jenny said...

I like your end-of-year-evolutions thought... wonderful.

And speaking of wonderful, your smart husband gave a lovely talk in our sac mtg today--he's tops.

LL said...

YOU CAN DO IT! This I believe! :-)

Cath said...

Leslie - that piece is wonderful. And I'm so impressed that you continue to make time for your art. Can't wait to see what comes out of your fingertips! I believe you can do it too!