Thursday, July 09, 2009

Summer adventures

Well our brief 8 week summer is already well in force. We left the monday after school got out to visit family in Virginia. I was sick and spent the first few days of vacation in a fog. It got interesting when my mom took three boys on a walk and came back only to tell me that we had to call poison control because my oldest had fed my youngest a berry, thinking it was a blackberry. Well as it turns out it was a lantana berry, which is toxic and although it was only one berry, poison control said every ingestion had to be treated thus began a 4 hour emergency room visit to get my 19 month old to drink activated charcoal- have you ever seen activated charcoal, it is like a thick black sludge milkshake. It was either drink it or have it via NG tube. Somehow, I have yet to know how he drank it- or at least a cup of it so that was enough- but it gets everywhere- and when he decided he'd had enough he whacked it across the room sending charcoal flying everywhere. I can report a full recovery.

I left for Utah to enjoy a few days with my best friend shelah which means lots of laughing, good food: ruth's diner, cafe rio, and baking. We've made chocolate cake, 7 layer bars, lemon bars, white chocolate lime cake, coconut cake. Tonight i am hosting a studio night and then tomorrow I get to enjoy the fabulous segullah staff.

My boys are enjoying their time with my parents and Smart daddy-o is beginning work on the basement and eating our garden!


Jenny said...

glad you're feeling better!
must have white choco-lime cake recipe!

ellen said...

Sounds like a fun summer!!

Becky said...

I've missed you! :) So glad number 3 is healthy after that lovely adventure. Enjoy Utah.

Swimmingmom said...

Ooooh, Ruth's diner is my absolute favorite favorite favorite. I loved living in Salt Lake when I was there. Supposedly Utah is not known for the cuisine, but there are some cool places like that.