Tuesday, July 21, 2009

playlist for current painting groove

I love to paint to music, I will paint to movies, but music yields a far better product. In fact I am blaming the slow down of my groove on painting while watching the Masterpiece Theater recent remake of Wuthering Heights-- too heavy.

I always find it interesting that certain songs fit with certain painting grooves. I think there is somehow either embedded in the songs a connection to what you are painting and it's yield is cathartic or else the rhythm somehow fits harmonious with the brush strokes and the very physical act of painting. A lot of artist have very specific types of painting songs, I remember having this discussion with other arts at the art museum on night during a class. For me it's generally kind of mellow mid-range love songs. Really often it is the same over and over again- to the point that anyone else in my studio might find it painful, but it's just the subconscious consistency that makes it work? I have a hard time painting to stuff that is really fast. And if I put on stuff with the wrong sort of groove, it totally shuts me down. So if you are looking to find your creative groove (or at least paint a bunch of grid and lightbulb paintings) I recommend the following

1. Room for squares album -John Mayer- played for 2 nights continuous (maybe it was the square connection?)

2. Fields of Gold- Sting- entire album

3. All these things that I've done- the killers

4. The Man the Can't be Moved- the script

5. Under Control- Parachute

6. Everything I Own- Bread

7. You and I Both- Jason Mraz

8. No Matter What- Boyzone

7. Fall for You- Secondhand Serenade

9. At my most Beautiful- REM

10. George Michael 2000 collection -some bootleg black market cd I got in Siberia
11. What if -coldplay
12. What it takes- Aerosmith
My week of feverish painting is finally catching up tonight after dinner I decided to lie down on my bed- yep slept till 7 even with the din of children around.
And if you missed my last segullah post here it is. I was in vacation not so frequent blog mode at the time.
1. music 2. inspiration 3. a few things off the to do list


Jenny said...

I think we could be playlist pals. I love a lot of your selections. And is that a party shirt you have on in that gorgeous picture of you? Gotta nab me one of those...

Annie said...

I love that you're in a groove. It must be lovely to feel that flow!
Thanks for the list...I love a good playlist.

smart mama said...

yes jenny it is- get thee to express ye sister of the party jeans!
annie- afriad it's already fading- but good while it lasted-actually i ran out of canvasas -so I feel like I am kind of stuck until my shipment arrives. I have other sizes but not what I want

LL said...

there must be music for everything we do. Even stripping (wallpaper of course) ;-)

The well rounded mom said...

Why not add a playlist to your site? Love your art and your writings! April

Michelle said...

you, my friend are in a groove-- just tell me I'll get in one of those again!

Love you! M

Andrea said...

oh gosh...me and Bread = True Love.