Monday, January 23, 2006

mom snow day

okay i live in new england- land of interminable winter and snow-- yes we got 8 feet last year. The only thing that sustains me through the winter is the promise of my husband fully vesting in his 401K and company pension after 7 years- (4.3 down) only a few more to go. This morning around 6 something my son announced on a visit to his slumbering parents that it had snowed. So its down to turn on the TV to see when (if ever it will end) and if schools are closed. Well sure enough our town and surrounding towns are closed but not the preschool town, but after 2 near death car experiences last year- both involving a treacherous hill (once sliding down and completely through an intersection) the other on the way up-- with not enough torque to climb-- what to do--let off the gas or brakes-- and you will rock backwards down through the said intersection but you can't seem to move up-- after 15 min of burning rubber, bargaining prayer, and half a tank of gas- i finally made it the one block up to relative flatness. Anyway both experiences scared me straight for snow driving. So i decided to drs appt for little son today as it was 1 hr in towards boston and no preschool because it was too treacherous- well husband can't get to work because the roads aren't plowed- so he shovels, plays with the boys- enjoys his break from work- meanwhile i am making a chocolate cake for an after funeral gathering, folding 3 loads of laundry, rescheduling everything, and trying to recoup the weeks schedule-- Snow days rock when you are a kid, they rock when you are a dad and get out of work (minus shovelling- if you saw my driveway you'd understand), when you are a mom it means wet foot prints, piles of snow clothes, and house arrest!

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