Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Horror

What is it about Christmas decor-- it looks festive until Dec 25th and then Dec 26th - you wake to find your house looks hideous-- Christmas decor becomes repellent- I think it is a psychological defense mechanism- if you look at-- it reminds you its 365 days until you get more presents (cause when you are an adult birthdays are lame). Okay maybe it's not just about presents-- but its 11 months again till things get covered in lights, mistletoe gets hung- etc.

Its the same with candies- like Hershey kisses wrapped in Christmas color foil-- the day after Christmas it's so taboo to feed those to guests- Christmas is over-- the candy is past (or you can be cheap like me and pull out the greens- leaving silver and red and recycle for valentines day!!

Christmas is gone-- and no scrap can remain-- its like an unspoken new years resolution-- No evidence of Christmas may remain--maybe it's cause marketers immediately discount items 50% day after Christmas- so they have conditioned us to find that years remnants distateful)

but back to the house- seriously, you cannot feel peace until all those Styrofoam meat try angel ornaments and other child crafted treasures have returned to the attic. After 2.5 weeks of vacation- first thing I did- pile everything Christmas on the dining room table for immediate packing- yet 3 days later there it remains- waiting for my husband who has shoveled our driveway 3 times since we got home (which has consumed the majority of non sleeping moments in our house) to go up to the attic and retrive boxes-- I could get them myself but that would violate the strict marital duties we have laid out- which are wife does all things decorative- husband does all things dirty, cold, requiring ladders, beast of burden ish, or generally unpleasant (like getting cars registered, oil changes, etc) (aka trash, yard, attic, and basement!)

so I sit and blog- feeling unsettled because there-- although out of sight-- it looms in my mind-- the Christmas decorations-- jacob marley could never haunt like unput away decorations can-- I hear them calling as I type, embroider that dishtowel I said I was going to and yes continue my apron fantasy- and so i praying it won't snow again so i can end the torture.

off to go find some of that discounted christmas merchandise at target-

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