Friday, February 26, 2010

jordan arrival

I'm here thanks to long legs and the ability to sprint a good 30 international gates at JFK. My layover was supposed to be 2 hours which I knew could make it tight, but nothing like stepping off in a different terminal and hearing last call for your flight (my flight to JFk was 1.5 hrs late). The flight from Jordan was actually very mellow and I slept instead of watching the 4 movies and was most thankful for the empty seat next to me, bose noise cancelling headphones, and unisom.
Our hotel in Amman is very nice, certianly the nicest of any mission I have been on. Operation Smile Jordan is very well established and has so much support, they have done a great job establishing a really robust incountry program. They are very enjoyable to work with. I WISH MY ARABIC WAS BETTER

It was great to sleep in a real bed. I realized though I probably didn't need an alarm clock because the call to prayer sounds at 4:30 and 4:50 and Ic an't fall back to sleep after that. I am used to it from all my travels, but the here it is very beautiful and ethereal sounding, especially mixed in with the sounds of rain.

Breakfast delicious was on the top floor of the hotel with a gorgeous view of Amman. The screening set-up changed due to the rain (they are usually out under tents and with over 177 kids we screened today - each comes with about 3 people so in a very small space there were probably around 8000 people packed it. Not good for those who like personal space. So there was much ball tossing, jenga playing, bubble blowing, of course I am the favorite because I come bearing toys in all their varieties. So many really darling children. Tomorrow will be the second day of screening more Jordanian as well as Palestinian kids who have crossed the border for this. The wireless internet at the hotel is a bit touchy so I can't really upload good pics now but I promise you'll see them soon!
Everyone is so welcoming, and you have to love the way blond hair always makes people stare.
dinner and shower are calling (really I probably need to lysol my entire body too!)


Jenny said...

How I will LOVE living your adventure vicariously through this and hopefully more posts to come!
It sounds like you're immersing yourself in every way possible--what an amazing and wonderful experience. I wish everyone of those thousands could receive the desired outcome that Operation Smile makes possible-

Trueman twins said...

What a wonderful experience. So glad that you are bringing us along with you.

Adri said...

Surprisingly, I've done that same sprint through JFK trying to catch a connection. Glad you made it!

Michelle said...

Well I think it's cool you have Arabic speaking skills to improve! Enjoy your travels and keep updating. Love your adventures!

Swimmingmom said...

Sounds so great! Can't wait to hear more about it. What an amazing opportunity for you and for those children you are helping!