Friday, February 05, 2010

I am in love...

They came.

 For those who weren't watching last season, I'll re-cap. Smart mama's glorious long red couch has been a witness to her almost 11 years of marriage. Fading dramatically from the sun, sagging under years of love from 3 active boys. Now considered geriatric in couch years. Smart mama searches desperately to find what she wants. She can see it in her head-- no one makes it. Finds a great couch in architectural digest--it's perfect-- research yields it was custom made- dead end. Apartment Therapy is enlisted in her cause. She turns then to the sofa company in CA (and with the help of hannah, our design consultant) she customs designs her perfect couch for a steal (really less than alot of ugly couches).

Necessary factors for design:
-can't be too low (I am tall)
-clean lines (not a frou-frou girl, I have bachelor tastes when it comes to lines)
-want low wide track arms (that feel like an unobtrusive extension of the couch, utilitarian, doubles as a casual extra seat at parties)
-long (won't even consider anything under 86")
-no skirt or place for things to hid under it
-neutral fabric (found a fab charcoal boucle which was exactly what I pictured in my head)
-must be 23" or greater seat depth
-must feel sturdy like it can last in a house of boys
-no back cushions (husbands one dying request, less things for our kids to pull off)
-mid-century nods

My kids are drawn to them like magnets. They are perfect platforms for reading, rolling around, lounging. We bought two, so allen I could each have our own! I love that we designed them- they are us! (believe me it required arduous hours of measuring, sitting, and drawing) but it was worth it all-- and I am am sold on custom- don't know if I can do pre-made ever again...

so here's to love, which brought about almost 11 years of marriage and the need for new couches (which are reason enough alone to stay married for a decade!)


Smilin' sunshine said...


LL said...

ohhhhh, looks FABULOUS!

Trueman twins said...

PERFECT! Love the fact that you got 2!

Jenny said...

You make a great couple!
(You and couch, that is)
Now what is that big fuzzy thing you're hugging?

Deanna said...

very nice :)

Becky said...

I'm sorry...WHAT was this post about? I was HIGHLY distracted by that HOT woman on the couch! ;) Beautiful lady!

sweetpea@brown paper packages said...

Congrats! It's perfect!

ellen said...

When can I come over for a sit-in?!

Michelle said...

First I was admiring your hair, then your legs, and then that poofy dandylion-ish pillow you are snuggling with. WHERE DID YOU FIND IT?!!!

smart mama said...

yes I love the pillow too-almost as much as the couch... it was a christmas present- everyone in the house fights over it- a giant sphere pillow with recycled t-shirt rag cover-
M they'd be so great in photos (mine is the bright orange)
taryn (talkingsquid) sells them on etsy

smart mama said...

ellen come sit, lounge, on my couch anytime!!

Mommy Knows Best said...

The couch looks great and it's such a nice photo! :)