Sunday, January 17, 2010


Well nap time thursday was slated to be an art & artist photo shoot, (somehow I forgot to post aspen expanse piece to my gallery site -ironic- given it's the hugest painting in my house) but in all my furniture moving I knocked my camera to the floor and prompted shattered my lens. The morning turned from shoot into "Shoot!" Then again the silver lining in this cloud is that as long as I was forking it out for a new lens I might as well get a better one...(on it's way)
 A friend saved me in the mean time sparing me a loaner lens. Unfortunately the delay meant I left the room in disarray until the next days nap time when I could try again. I wanted a lineup of all the finished domestic pieces in a row (so I could see my work thus far, pat myself on the back and feel motivated to keep going) but this means needing wall space <20 linear feet and serious wide angle! When the series is done I'll have to line them up at warehouse or half a football field for a full panoramic shot.

Also the next time I scheme so gradiose a series. Please remind me to...
1. Not to paint so big
2. Not to paint so tight (I am not naturally tight- I am naturally really loose so tight takes alot of restraint, and intense focus for me to paint in a more regimented way)
3. Choose to set my sights lower than 12-15 pieces for the series
4. Give myself more than a 6-8 mo personal deadline for such an undertaking (especially amid devotedly mothering 3 young children, teaching early am seminary, being the blog editor of Segullah, and the 50 other things on my plate)
5. Choose simpler paintings that take less than 20+ hours to complete
6. Don't be passionate about it's message because, that way when it gets hard you can abandon the series and not care.

I CAN DO IT! (positive self talk)


Swimmingmom said...

Don't stop now! Forge full throttle ahead. I love your series. Sorry about your lens, but hurray for a new one. Oh, cute white dress btw.

LL said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love that 3rd picture of you.

Jenny said...

You CAN!!

Trueman twins said...

Love the aspens! I remember way back when you were working on the first set. I especially like the 4 in a set. If anyone can get it done you can! Go LESLIE GO!