Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I am Spartacus or rather "Art"acus

Domestic series is finally continuing after a forced holiday hiatus. The new lamp piece, while almost done, is forcing me to channel my inner Spartacus. Must conquer! Seriously the light glare on the midcentury pecan wood, like being a a ring with a fierce lion. (You didn't know I could get gladitorial about that did you-- these paintings should know not to mess with me, I always win especially at scattergories)
I have painted it 3 times and still don't like obviously the oafish slave guy from Thrace is currently pounding "Artacus" with a spiked metal club (not well verse in the lingo of ancient roman weapons).

After this I have 5-6 more to go before I switch to some mothering pieces. I have already done the studies for them and I am dying to get to them, but again I must call upon my inner Spartacus' steelly resolve and determination to not jump ship but see out my first project before going to the new series. (see I knew all those Latin class hours in HS I spent watching Kirk Douglas would turn out to be life changing and inspirational) Also on the radar are 2 commission pieces to get done in the next 2 weeks (those involve money now so they should take more priority bu they just aren't as fun)

Currently I rate my busy-ness on the "time- to- reply-to-emails" scale (like the how many minutes to hold for customer service) which is currently about 3 days (and thats for messages under 2 paragraphs only). This week I start doing my artist-in-residence program with a local early childhood program. (dining room table= supply drop zone) I love exposing preschool children to great art as well as eally helping them understand and engage in the process of art making/art thinking. One thing I found so interesting in my readings for my masters thesis was the path of children's creative development and how it really bottoms out by middle childhood if not given supportive/appropriate art experiences. I am always surprised by the resistance I face from adults and even other educators with their "traditional and "product" expectations. Tomorrow I will delve 3 year olds into the exotic world of Henri Rousseau. Which the thought of those orange tigers makes me think some chicken tikka masala might be in order to round out the day.

Speaking of preschool art, I loved it when I picked up my son from his preschool the other day (shaving cream/glue mix) snowmen on the wall. His wonderful teachers who share my philosphies, laughingly assured me I'd be able to easily spot my son's on the wall. While most of the others were fairly straightforward- face only- my son had covered his with dozens of colored beads! Ahhh, I was so very proud to be the mother of the beaded pavĂ© snowman, becasue plain white snowmen seriously that's so last season!

So listen out tonight... if you hear shouts of "I am SPARTACUS!" echoing through the snowy New England hills you know it's just smart mama wielding burnt sienna and paintbrush victoriously, okay maybe just determinedly over the brutish pecan dresser.


LL said...

I'm starting to worry about're turning into a violent artist. :)
Can't wait to see your latest piece!

Swimmingmom said...

Mental note... will not send emails for than a few words long for fear they won't be read :-)

Enjoy the painting. Can't wait to see. Remember, it's the process not the product- why doesn't that seem to apply here?

Bummed LMS will be missing the art lesson, but was psyched when she came home from her new school with a paper full of glued on Q-tip "snowflakes"!

smart mama said...

no donna- keep writing me emails...they all get read it's just if the response requires more than about 2 paragraphs or 8 minutes it has wait...

Whitney said...

I do hope you'll finish this series. And if you're doing a mom one too. I had an idea this morning about an art exhibit here in Boston.