Monday, December 14, 2009

sometimes things surprise you

-like my 4 year old saying he really wanted "white paper" for Christmas. Really if there is we thing we don't lack for in this house it's paper in all it's varieties.

-that encouraging youth/young adults to explore careers is actually a controversial topic? (my recent segullah post)

-that when parents bring their kids to "a decorate your own sugar cookie" table they feel absolutely no urge to help their children use reasonable quantities of toppings or feel any obligation about the mess they leave behind. (yes I manned this table for 2+ hours at the school ornament day- encouraging creativity is one thing but downright wastefulness is another)

-that my husbands meeting got cancelled last night a delightful 4.5 hr reprieve

-that you actually want to eat vegetables instead of treats at the ward party (Yes I am that old)

-that someone in Tehran is "google-ing" me? (I really don't think I know anyone in Tehran)

-or how hard it is to clean tracks of glue stick off your dining room table

any surprises for you lately?


Jenny said...

that forty-something degrees in the sun actually felt WARM!...

kids that played in the snow hung up their own snow clothes instead of strewing them all over the floor

and that we've managed to have our tree up for three days now, and no cat incidents.

All good surprises.

Tamlynn said...

I had a great surprise today in my garden -first successful head of broccoli I've grown. It is beautiful.

Whitney Johnson said...

When someone said something demeaning to me -- I actually had the thought go through my head that it wasn't about me. 5 years ago, even two years ago, I would have just thought it was about me. Not the other person.

Lei said...

I manned the gingerbread play-dough table. It was flour-ific. Messy, messy fun!

Jenny said...

Hearing about and then SEEING a sampling of your sprinkle storage.
It was truly a happy experience.
Thanks for sharing your wealth of party information and supplies with a very happy group of 8 and 9 year-old girls! A good, sprinkly time was had by ALL.