Thursday, December 25, 2008

Want to watch a movie?

"Want to watch a movie?" I ask my husband.

"Sure, are you going to stay awake?"

"I don't know, I'll try," I reply jokingly. My favorite way to spend a vacation evening in lounging against my husband, curled up under warm blankets, watching a good movie. This is the scene that replays almost nightly on vacation. It's my before bed ritual.

I rarely make it through the movie though. I usually fall asleep about 15 minutes in and awaken a 1/2 an hour later and trudge groggily to bed, while my husband finishes the movie. sometimes I wake back up and watch the rest but the remaining chunk of the movie is peppered with questions to my husband like "So wait who is that?" or "Wait I am confused what is going on?". Suffice it to say my movie recall is often sketchy and i sometimes add sequences from my sleep-dream state.

The trouble with movies before bed is it leaves you in a certain mood. Like a few nights ago we watched Exodus with Paul Newman about the partition of Israel and Palestine. The next movie on TMC was Yentl and I told my husband we could stay up really late and watch it and celebrate our Jewish heritage, but then I remembered we didn't have Jewish heritage (except for an uncle by marriage) so it would be best if we went to bed instead. Trouble was though after exodus, I was afraid some militants were watching me through my parents sun room windows and I lay in bed wondering if the someone was going to put a homemade dynamite bomb somewhere in the house or if we should load the kids on our backs and carry them to a secure location. Again in my sleepy state I had to remind myself - I was not in British occupied Israel/Palestine and I should just roll over and go to sleep.

1. movie nights 2. thinking about other times and places 3. safety


Trueman twins said...

I do the same thing all the time! I am always so eager to spend some couch time with the hubby but when the lights go out and the movie starts I am out too!

Becky said...

WHY?? Why is it that the men can stay awake through the WHOLE movie and we can't? So annoying. I have 100's of movies that I have partially seen. UGH! Hope you are resting up during the vacation. Is ss#3 sleeping through the night?

Swimmingmom said...

How funny, I do the SAME thing (falling asleep a few minutes in, AND feel my life is overtaken by the movie. I feel like I'm actually in the movie).