Sunday, December 07, 2008

Thanksgiving truths

(11 days in Utah and Nevada)...
1. My boys love Foosball and ping pong
2. The new bridge being built over Hoover Dam is so freaky- scary -high I hope to never drive across it.
3. The red dirt of Saint George can occupy my kids for HOURS.
4. My baby loves the fountains at the Bellagio.
5. I never knew there were so many varieties of cacti (many neat new plant shapes to inspire paintings).
6. The best friends are the ones you don't see for years, yet everything picks up seamlessly despite the passage of time.
7. Time with family is always valuable.
8. My 3 year old has no fear on the windy hiking trails at Zion's
9. My seven year old loves taking pictures but needs to learn more flattering camera angles when shooting mom.
10. 11 days of eating at Toto's (in Lv - rocking cheese enchiladas and carnitas), in-n-out burgers and milkshakes, cafe rio salads, sonic limeades and onions rings, and a few trips for frozen custard will yield a +3 increase when I step on the scale.
11. A red eye with 3 kids in the last row of the plane yields sleep for them and not for me.
12. au bon pain at the airport makes killer cranberry macaroons dipped in chocolate.
13. My baby does not like the St George Temple Visitor Center.
14. The Philadelphia Airport has very cool art- love love love their sculpture displays!!
15. About all sorts of dinosaur tracks- gallator tracks, swim tracks anyone?
16. One promised round of on star wars vintage pinball machine can cause tears.
17. I still love city lights at night.
18. Tuacahn, live nativity, is colder than New England, and also where Elder Holland hangs out.
19. Red rocks are beautiful.
20. I need a down comforter.
21. I like hot tubs better than luke-warmish pools.
22. Indoor/outdoor pools amuse all children.
23. Parenting efforts can pay off.
24. Don't pass up free cookies.
25. My husband doesn't want to spend money on expensive chocolates.
26. Edward Herrmann, best known for playing Rory's grandfather, on Gilmore Girls, flies coach USAir with his family and also spent the holidays in Las Vegas.
27. No pets are allowed on top of hoover dam.
28. Cafe Rio workers can rival Tom Cruise's showmanship in cocktail while making a salad (I only recieved this special show- I guess I have the non-native utahn look about me)
29. A trip this long= much laundry.
30. Showers with 5 spraying heads rock (no wonder they always have droughts here!
31. I have way too many pictures to post.
1. catching up 2. getting naps 3. a mom to help out


chellie said...

oh so fun!

I love St. George... I grew up there and love it all over again every time I am there.

I also love cacti and can't wait to see what you come up!

Becky said...

So glad you are home! Hope you will be rested enough to enjoy some time with the MBL. :) See you Friday!!!

Smilin' sunshine said...

Gald you are back, hope everyone gets better soon at your house. We missed you yesterday!

Jenny said...

Fun. Fun. Fun.
We just did that trip in August, and I had duplicate thoughts about that bridge being built over the Hoover dam... too scary for me. I alaughed about your tot's aversion to the St. George temple visitor's center--we LOVED our visit there, but some other toddler visiting while we were there did NOT.

sweetpea said...

Oh man that made me homesick! I grew up there too, and loved hearing you talk about it and seeing your pics. Glad you had such a great time!

Tamlynn said...

Cranberry macaroons dipped in chocolate? Now I'm jealous.
Sounds like a fun trip.

erin said...

hurray for las vegas-you'll need to fill me in on more of the details!