Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Okay so I am a bit bed obsessed these days. I have been tired, really tired (remember that seminary teaching gig I have got and that baby that gets up 4x a night!) all this has yielded a fixation with sleep. I have bedroom on the brain. So what is on my Christmas list this year? The ultimate sleep inducing bedroom. (You may remember I like Christmas gift themes--last year's theme was floor care: 2 vacuums and a steam mop).

Yes, me, a dream, the credit card, and overstock.com make a lovely combination.
Down pillows- check
Extra warm, oversize, 700 power fill Siberian white down comforters- check
Perfectly hotelly crisp new duvet and shams-check.

I decided to take a new approach to decorating... starting from scratch...building a room from the bottom up. Channelling in the vision of what my dream bedroom looks like and adding the ingredients.

oh and did I mention faux fur blankets?

Totally essential component for luxurious relaxation in my "dream bedroom". I have a thing for texture. (You too can score some right now at Christmas tree shops for 19.99 (deal) or you can really shell it out at William-Sonoma or PB).

A few items I already had: my white noise machine (homedics sound spa a must!) because I like the sounds of rain or thunder when I nap (it drowns out my kids), my Saarinen inspired table, dim able lights, Bose wave radio (got some hookups there), a gigantic mirror (because I hate shrimpy partial view mirrors which either cut off your head or your shoes-- ick), and some seriously high thread count sheets.

So I am counting down the days until I will be basking in fresh pillow frost. Until then sweet dreams.

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Smilin' sunshine said...

The bedding sounds somewhat like mine, I LOVE it!

Congrats on having mom in town, teamteacher, sleep, painting, organization, and having your husband home soon.

Marcy said...

Sounds heavenly! I can't wait to see pictures when it's done.

LL said...

ohh hooray, I'm glad you decided to do it! Can't wait to see, does Alan know or is it a surprise?
Call me if you want help!

Jenny said...

A truly worthy theme for a sleep deprived super mom. You MUST post after Christmas! Sounds luxurious...

Lei said...

I hope you enjoy your slumber in your new threads!!!

Swimmingmom said...

Sounds like an episode on HGTV. Can't wait to see it when it's done. You deserve some good sleep.

Becky said...

sounds dreamy - literally. Can't wait to see pictures.

Tamlynn said...

You know we are going to need pics.