Saturday, March 03, 2007

50 things you might not know about me

50 Things you might not know about me-
I hate the ice cream truck music
My favorite food is pot roast
I bake (cookies/cakes/muffins) at least 3-4 times a week
I love foreign films
I used to play lacrosse and like sports with skirts
I get nostalgic for jr. high when I hear Milli Vanilli songs
I was in Math club
I was almost a cytogeneticist
I said I wouldn’t marry someone from UT- but then did
I have been to 47 states.
I love Moroccan and Turkish food
I always find good deals
I really like to help people
I always have creative projects going
I can talk to just about anyone- which is surprising because I was a very shy child.
When I taught at the college/university level most of my students were older than me.
I hate drying my hair
I really like HOT baths
I hate to get water in my eyes even in the shower
I love going to school
I had a fabulous collection of leisure suits and 60’s clothes in high school (only for special outings)
I can play Latin scrabble
I get whiny when i am sick
I can’t stick to a rigid schedule- it stresses me out
I hate not wearing mascara because my eyelashes are blonde
I rarely just watch tv- I am always doing a project at the same time.
I keep these weird free form journal/sketchbooks where I record things from favorite quotes, to plans for parties, painting sketches, Christmas shopping lists.
I am kind of a flavor of the week girl- I love change
I get very attached to my friends, they affect me deeply
The only time I wear tennis shoes is when I exercise- I hate them any other time
I make great homemade whole wheat bread
I don’t get intimidated by anyone.
I have been pregnant 8x- miscarried all but my 2 boys
I love sour things
I fall asleep in movies 90% of the time
I can’t buy really expensive of extravagant things- it freaks me out
I have been to 13 countries but never to mexico.
I think watching local news is torture
I like marshmallows in cold chocolate milk
I sound like my mom on the phone
I have many many pairs of shoes
I love museums
I don’t like the way lotion feels
I do well in math but I can’t remember number sequences and only have 5 phone numbers memorized
I can hear really really high pitched frequencies that most people can’t like those emitted from TVs even when they are muted.
I like overcast days as much as sunny days.
Sometimes I forget how tall I am walk into things like branches
I was a totally easy obedient teenager
I hate looking at condiments (like puddles of ketchup on a plate)
My arm span is 4” longer than my height (yep you guess it I am really a monkey)


Jamie said...

"I can hear really really high pitched frequencies that most people can’t like those emitted from TVs even when they are muted"
That's nuts! Do you cover your ears and scream "turn it off! Turn it off!"

Char said...

LOL! You're right...I didn't know most of those things about you. Fun list!

best day ever said...

I knew lots of those things ;0)...I am pretty sure I even have pictures to back it up!

My favorite thing is that you don't like to look at condiments on a plate. That made me laugh out loud. I think you forgot the one about watching the Lawrence Welk show, LOL.

smart mama said...

hey A- no fair- you have the advantage of being the blog reader who has known me the longest (besides my parents)-- and yes i will i admit the lawrence welk show makes me roll on the floor!

CHEL said...

That was fun to read! You sound like a wonderful baker.... mmmmm... i love love love wheat bread, especially homemade.
Great job!

best day ever said...

I thought of one more thing...I bet most people don't know that you stole a running car from a driveway, LOL (10 points if you remember the car's name!)

And I still have a weird, sinking feeling whenever I hear an ice cream truck. I think that must have come from you :0)

Mamacita Tina said...

Interesting things. I fall asleep in the movies too! Even if it's one Paul picks and there are explosions and gunfire.

smart mama said...

was it bertonex (necks) or betronex's replacement--

Zoe said...

Wow! I loved reading this about you. I am amazed and so happy that you had your two boys! You have been through a lot to get them here!

We are a lot alike with the journals, I have a notebook in almost everyroom of the house! I can't throw them away because there is too much random info in them!!

And your arms - WOW! I had to go back and look at a picture of you. That is kind of cool!

Anonymous said...

We have a lot in common!!

Lei said...

"I can’t stick to a rigid schedule- it stresses me out"... try as I might, I cannot either! Perhaps it is the creative free spirit in us.