Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cow poop train

Smart son was telling me about his adventures on the playground at school with his friends C and B. They were playing trains and smart son said he told his friends that his train ran on cow poop- Yes that comment sounds like a common silly potty mouth response form a 5 yr old but he was totally matter of fact and serious. A few months ago we were reading this article in discover about a train that runs on cow manure and cow "remnants". He was hoping to help his friends gain an awareness of biogas and new energy sources.
It then prompted a full of how nuclear reactors work (complete with visual aids- DOTS thanks to the trick or treating loot) which enabled a model of atoms, protons, neutrons.
I went up to his room today and found this- he had used all his geomags to form a graph- using his metal bed- Which he explained represented various types of days- "good days for bug catching" "sludgy water days - represented in green- which is not a good sign- hazardous to many creature- he was home sick form school hence the bedragdled appearance.
I absolutely adore watching childrens brains work. It is fun to see them soaking up everything around them. I also have loved this week, smart son had his "Reading explosion". He has been reading for about 2 yrs know but this week was "IT"- If you watch many children learn to read you understand that each child does this. One day it takes work to read then they go to bed and wake up one day and really realize they can read without really thinking about each words and their fluency, sight words go off the chart. It is so exciting to see the whole world opening up to them!


itybtyfrog said...

Wow! He is so smart. Who knew trains could run off of manure!

Nettie said...

It is fun to see their minds work and to see them get those "aha!" moments about the world. My daughter had her science fair tonight and we had a blast going around and talking about all the different displays together.