Wednesday, October 12, 2011

warning: you might find this offensive

IMG_5136The other day I came home from shopping and tried on a dress for my husband (this dress)…

“What do you think?” I stand a few feet away.

He looks up, “Are you going to wear a sweater with it?”

“Huh?”I question “It is a sweater, why would I wear another sweater with it?” I was quite proud of myself for finding a warm, comfortable, practical dress, suitable for New England winters.

“Well,  it’s just A LOT of STRIPES,” he said rather seriously.

“Stripes?” I ask incredulously.

“Yah stripes, it’s just… well it’s a lot of them,” he responds in a sort of warning tone.

I am lost in the logic of this conversation. After watching Visual Acoustics together this week, a fabulous documentary on Julius Shulman’s photography of modern architecture and I totally thought we were on the same aesthetic wavelength.

“Is the wearing of stripes visually assaulting? I mean is wearing  numerous stripes in close proximity to each other impolite? I have never heard this too any stripes thing before—really?”

He is serious.

Maybe using contrast with such wild abandon is akin to conspicuous consumption—like driving a super gas guzzling vehicle?

Or maybe he was thinking it was like a strobe lights and afraid it would cause people seizures and wanted to be sure I was ready accept responsibility for my actions?

Do you think this flagrant use of stripes makes me I look like I am stealing style from a chunky zebra?

Are we really talking this dress?? I liked it…and I think this stripe thing is crazy talk.

I am guessing it’s part of some engineer ethos, “Be reserved, and above all else don’t wear too many stripes.” Being married to an artist, well I guess he never knows when I might get wild and try to pull a striped fast one on him. Maybe we should stick to a simple pass/fail system or go back to the ranking system implemented after this incident. So tell me are my stripes offensive?


Swimmingmom said...

Hilarious!!! This just made my day. I think you wear the striped well and you look nothing close to a "chunky zebra"!

Jenny said...

reminds me of the time I wore my new polka dot dress to church, and a man told me I was making him dizzy and told me I looked like a kaleidoscope...

You ROCK those stripes!!
(you really do)

LL said...

I was JUST thinking about Jenny's dress that made the men dizzy!
I assure you the Farmer will have a comment if you wear it Sunday...he and Allen think alike.

smart mama said...

well chunky zebra or no i life stripes...
jenny- rock it out in polka dots-- maybe its an evolutionary advantage- confuse slower animals with visual distraction
LL- yah black maxi dress got me a goth comment sunday-- we'll see if I can use it to my advantage to be visually disturbing so no one comes near me and asks me to do anything-- although i think i am safe till school gets out- i'll ahve to get a summer version

bettijo @ said...

Not at all offensive... in fact I like it so much I wish you'd shared where you found it!