Sunday, June 12, 2011

SVU show

Last Wednesday at 10 pm I loaded up 30 paintings and headed down to Buena Vista, VA for SVU’s education conference. Thursday night I arrived and hung all the paintings before going to a delightful presenters dinner at the Knights. Friday I got to enjoy a wonderful collection of talk s and delicious food and a fabulous performance of man of La Mancha and stayed up late talking to my great friend Liz. Friday brought more delicious food and workshops and socializing. I spoke Saturday afternoon about my paintings. If you want to listen to my talk you can hear it here. All I can say is it was wonderful. I loved meeting so many people there, as well as seeing old friends. I had a wonderful response to the pieces. While most people would come up and ask why no heads, one woman’s first comment was “thank you for not painting the heads because it makes it so it could be me” (I was so excited and said – yes you got it!!), she later told me that seeing them gave her a feeling almost like narnia- she wanted to step inside and relive things gone by. Another man told me how one of piece really began to stand out to him and couldn’t look it without tearing up remembering times with his mother. It was so interesting to hear the reactions and connections of people of many different ages. I can’t believe the feeling of accomplishment and relief I felt finally completing the series and showing them. svu showIMG_9746IMG_9775IMG_9737


ellen said...

I wish I could have been there. How cool to see all those paintings together!

Ginger Johnson said...

I love love love these paintings! Congratulations on such a fantastic accomplishment!

Lis said...

They are beautiful les! I am way proud of you!! :)

Audra said...

I found you via Gabrielle Blair over at Design Mom. I could not click over fast enough to see the rest of your work.

I am not being silly when I say that I literally cried when I looked through your Mothering series. If I were wealthy I would buy each one. The Welcome Home was what did me in initially. So perfect and so perfectly my aesthetic and captured just how I feel about being a working (we are all working) outside the home mama; I instantly loved it. My son is almost two and these all just really spoke to me at that basic mom level. All the mundane things you do for/with your kids you captured so beautifully.

I called my husband to tell him to add your stuff to the top of "gifts for my lovely wife."

This is now a dissertation length comment to say that I love your work. LOVE IT!