Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ancient Egypt Birthday Party Plan

cupSo my son decided he wanted an ancient Egypt theme for his 6th birthday party. So this is what we did. He invited 8 friends. We designed cool invitations with an Egyptian hieroglyph scene and printed them on gold paper.balloons We found these archaeologist hats at iparty and rubber tutsnakes at Wal-Mart and made pyramid favor boxes from 12” square sheets of paper from Michaels- which we filled with candies and small Egyptian figures from the safari limited ancient Egypt tube for the take home party favors. So here is how the party went down including all the games and activities. As the kids arrived they used our wooden blocks to build pyramids and cities out in the studio room. My 10 yr old son had designed an Anubis robot for the party and programmed him to chase the kids round- so the 6 year old boys were most impressed with that. Then we IMG_0142moved the kids into the dining room where I had set up the tables with individual cupcake decorating stations. Each child got to decorate IMG_01175 cupcakes.decor Each place had their own cupcake box, and plate of decorations. I piped out of chocolate Anubis heads, scarab beetles, vipers, eye of Horus, and ankhs and also filled candy papers with spoonful's of various sprinkles- gold, silver, chocolate, rainbow.The adults IMG_0121frosted and let the kids decorate them. Then we moved on to the cartouche station I set up in the breakfast nook. I spray painted canvas boards with gold paint then used a hieroglyph translator to write the IMG_0166kids names in hieroglyphs on the boards, they then decorated all around with feathers, gems, titles, pom poms, fabric pieces and some foam Egyptian shapes I got from oriental trading company. When they finished this we IMG_0178moved into the family room room for the mummy wrap game- we divided the kids into pairs, one was the mummy and one was the wrapper. They had fun using 2 rolls of tp to make their mummies and each pair wrapped differently. Then we went out in the yard for the Nile relay. We had crocodile grabbers which they used to pick up a jewel and run it down to a bucket of water. They then dropped the jewel in and used the grabber to pull out a long snake which they ran IMG_0188back to the start with. Everyone got to do 2 rounds. then we came in for tomb treasures memory. I put a bunch of Egyptian things on a tray we looked at all of them and they tried to memorize the group. Then we covered it with a blanket and they had to remember all the items. (We did have scarab beetle hot potato and duck duck goose variant pharaoh, pharaoh, mummy- but ran out of time) Then we had lunch, present opening, and cake & ice cream featuring the king tut sarcophagus IMG_0154cake. We decorated with gold balloons, yellow and black streamers to make pyramids. the party playlist included king tut (steve martin), walk like an Egyptian, the Theme from the mummy (instrumental) and some closeArabic music. The kids seemed to have a fabulous time and most of all my 6 year old told me it was exactly what he hoped for! I highly recommend it for a party theme there are so many fun things you can do with it.  For a full how to make a king tut sarcophagus cake tutorial you can read my post here.

(I do recommend moving the kids from area to area for the party it always helps with the general management of excited kids and you don’t loose a lot of time in the changing gears and set up)IMG_0131IMG_0130


Jenny said...

You are the Goddess of Ancient Egyptian Party Planning.

Blue said...

Fantastic! What a great event. I wish you were my mommy. I love the magic you infuse into your boy's lives. ♥

LL said...

You are one cool mummy!

Jenny said...

Hey--months later I google "iparty" to find some cake accessories, and guess who's blog shows up?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

thanks so much! it helped me plan my daughter's party!

Frances Jackson said...

If I will plan a party these ideas will make my party a total kick. Party planning is must to turn your party successful along with following an theme like this.

Anonymous said...

can you please help me find someone who can do an invite for this theme? I am striking out left n right and I need it w/in 2 wks!!

Andrew Burgon said...

I love the safari style hat, rubber snakes and the Pyramid set-up. Thanks for the ideas.

Here are two ideas in return in case you end up having another Egyptian party.

* Slide show of the most awesome Egyptian things playing on the HDTV in the background. Eventually we'd all sit down and I'd do a little presentation for the children one their not likely to forget. The Sphinx, the wonders of the pyramids, tombs, the goddess Isis and the Egyptian Phoenix bird.

* Playing Michael Jackson's music video, Remember the Time. There's a great part in that where they are doing Egyptian inspired dancing. I'd have a few prizes to see who can do the best impersonation! Lol