Monday, September 20, 2010

all sorts of comings and goings

since i last wrote…IMG_0842_thumb

school started

we now have another piano player

and trombone player

our latest round of tadpole shrimp died

we’ve has two visits from family (this is one of my favorite pictures of the boys with cousins)

I have taught a few weeks of sem.

the boys have built a fort in the woods with the neighbor kids

i finished 2 commission paintings

first round edits on an essay

all the back to school paperwork

eye, dentist, and drs appts.

phone calls, bills, cleaning,

yah that about it


Blue said...

love the cousin pic! are they twins?

you and shelah...i need a nap just THINKING about your lives!

so do we get to see the commissioned pix? ♥

LL said...

You must blog MORE! add that to your giant list of things to do.
CUTE cousin picture, cute cute kids! all of them.

Jenny said...

All sorts of comings and goings that make for a CRAZY existence... you've got GOOD WORKS covered!