Thursday, August 19, 2010

summer slipping away


i can feel it slipping through my fingers like sand. i hate this time of year. as a mother i love the unstructured-ness. i want to drink in ever last drop of sun before the winter comes. it is hard to believe that in a few months i will wonder if i can ever be warm again, that it will be dark long before dinner.

in a few days school will start and the magic of summer will evaporate into the routines of life. crowded out school supplies and halloween costumes.

i always love the line from the song stolen by dashboard confessional

“i watch the season pull up it’s own stakes, and catch the last weekend of the last week, before the gold and the glimmer have been replaced another sun-soaked season fades away”

it captures the feeling of this time. i am already mourning the loss that is to come.


Blue said...

Me Too!

(though there were a few uber grumpy moments in the past 24 hours that made me almost glad that it starts next week.)

i love head. sun. ice cream. lake days. i do not love ice, snow, dark afternoons, skies of unbroken gray clouds, homework battles.

but it's good to know the bitter that we may also know the sweet.

i LOVE your swimsuit! &hearts

Blue said...

um...that should read "i love HEAT"!!!

LL said...

summer will come again!
for now, I cannot wait for the beauty of FALL. It really has been such a great summer though.
Bring on the pumpkins, changing leaves and college football ;-)

Jenny said...

It is sad to see summer go... I love it so! (But Fall is my FAVORITE fleeting season~)

Michal Thompson said...

1. Super cute swim suite, where did you find it?
2. I remember being impressed that you taught seminary- and now my husband will be teaching and I am suppressing the overwhelmed sensation it brings- and it is not even my calling!

smart mama said...

oh thanks michal

yep yr 3 of sem starts for me in 2 weeks- i am already starting to panic!!

Swimmingmom said...

What a nice post. Really well written by the way.

Swimmingmom said...

Oh, as much as I LOVE fall, I typically cry the last day of summer.