Saturday, May 29, 2010


The other week Allen came home and told me he had Friday off work which I took as—time to get out of town! I always wanted to stay in a yurt (and while mongolian yurts are scarce here I was pretty sure I could scour up a camping yurt to fulfill my craving). My Google search led my to frost mountain yurts  All I can say is it was perfect—in a word yurt-a-licious!  and I swear it’s 100x cooler than regular camping.

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Friday we trekked up to Brownfield, Maine to the yurt (brief detour via Bo-mar hall and Sundaes at the Beach). I chose the most secluded yurt with mountain views- which meant trekking in all the gear half a mile by cart down hilly paths, but so worth it. The yurt was fabulous, pristine, and so nicely equipped! I came armed with a list of things we could do all weekend but nothing was as fun as relaxing at the yurt. We just spent the our time playing in the woods, relaxing in the hammock, sitting around the fire, and enjoying the views. The boys busied themselves catching toads, searching for ladyslippers, climbing the bunks, and practicing for olympic javelin with sticks.

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Allen & I stayed up and enjoyed the peaceful starry night. Well all slept beautifully and comfortably and cooked a delicious big breakfast. The weather could not have been more divine. The yurts owners have all these boats for their guests to use so. we loaded up a big canoe and drove 2 miles down to Lovell Pond and put in there. We paddled across  enjoying the most peaceful water and glorious views of the White Mountains. The boys got out on a beach and roamed  around. #3 son was so relaxed he fell asleep in the canoe.  #1 had his dream come true by finding/catching a maritime garter snake (while in Maine). Sorry so many pictures- but words couldn’t do it justice! Definitely one of my top 10 favorite family outings of all time! I can’t wait to go back and try it in the winter as they supposedly have the most fabulous cross country skiing, snowmobile, and snowshoeing (with pre-warmed yurts!)  

All I can say is – do not stop- head directly for a yurt in Maine and you won’t be disappointed!   


andrea said...

Why is Maine so far away? That is camping even I could do. I wish we could all go and make a big family vacation of it. Maybe next year?

PS--rolling over the Lawrence Welk pictures. Long live Myron Floren (I think he's from South Dakota...maybe I'll rally for that when Sky gets to do his state report!)

Melissa said...

Wow, that looks totally awesome! And I learned a new word. :)

brown paper packages said...

HOW fun! I LOVE yurts. I have only been to them in the snow, though. We would go cross country skiing, and make pit stops at yurts.

It looks like you had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Your spontaneity inspires me!

LL said...

looks fun! never had heard of a "YURT"

Trueman twins said...

How fun! Looks like a great time. Who knew a yurt could be so much fun?!

Trueman twins said...

Evidently #1 told my 2 all about the great fun you all had. Now they are begging to go to a yurt! Looks like we'll have to plan a trip in the future.

Swimmingmom said...

That is so awesome! I've never seen a yurt before. Way better than regular camping and I love how neat and organized everything seems to be. Looks like a dream weekend. So glad you had a fantastic time. Great memories for your family. I think we'll have to try that out sometime!!!!

ellen said...

Glad you got back to Bo-Mar Hall!! You make yurt life look fun!