Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to make a 3-D yoda cake

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My son requested a 3-D yoda star wars cake for his 5th birthday. I was tempted to do a full size (like my 3-d R2D2 cake) on but then decided it would be cooler and simpler to do a mini 3-D yoda. So I made these yoda cupcakes. You could do just the heads if you wanted to make enough for a whole party. So here is a yoda cake tutorial . It was not that hard.

What you will need:

cupcakes 2 regular size and 2 mini size (I even used box mix cupcakes, usually for cake sculpting i use homemade pound cake so this was fast and easy)

frosting (any color)

fondant: green, tan, brown, tiny bit of white (homemade or store bought this was done with homemade marshmallow fondant)

Airhead candy or piece of rope licorice (optional)

1. Unwrap two cupcakes and frost them top to top. do the same with the minis and set it aside.


2. For the body. I rolled out a rectangle of fondant in dark brown for front of tunic. i took one air head candy cut in half and draped it across to provide a good support for the arms then sculpted 3 fingered hands and attached them to it and feet, tucked under edge of cloak. then I rolled out a long maybe 9” rectangle of tan and draped it around pinching underneath at the arms.


3. For the head I rolled out a circle of fondant and covered it (see green image below) then added the raised sculptural relief. brow bones, nose, cheeks, head.


4. Rolled another piece of fondant and laid it over top. so you have a smooth clean surface but the feature structure from the layer below. then using fondant tools creased and diveted the face.


5. for the eyes I took very tiny white balls and placed lids on top and bottom then stuck into the eye sockets.


6.I used a popsicle stick and stuck it through the body and attached the head to it for added security.

7. finished product was delicious! Here it is on 6” stacked cake with chocolate buttercream and class set of cupcakes!



Sabra said...

I love this so much, but I'm pretty sure if I attempted it, it wouldn't look ANYTHING like yours. SO CUTE!

Shelah said...

Oh yeah, anyone can make this, as long as they're a sculptor! It looks amazing!

Blue said...

It must help to be A PROFESSIONAL ARTIST! shimeny girl! that is the end all yoda cake. you win! no way he didn't totally LOVE it!

Becky said...

You NEVER cease to amaze me. WOW! And I LOVE it. Did you know that Ben was Yoda two Halloween's ago? Yoda is near and dear to my heart. :)

Courtney said...

This is incredible. I think your "not that hard" would translate differently for me.

Christy said...

Wow, I am always impressed!! How can you even stand to eat such a fabulous creation! Good work!!

Jenny said...

"it's not that hard"
makes me laugh.
You are the COOOLest mom!

Joy and Ted said...

That is incredible!!

Amy said...

Thank you so much for the instructions. This was my first attempt with the marshmellow fondant and my son LOVES his Yoda cake!!! You really make it easy, as I have very little artistic ability (if any)!!! AWESOME

Anonymous said...

you saved me thank you had a ate cake order for star wars and was at my wits end but thanks to you i have made a little boy very happy x

Mama Sara said...

I love, love, love your yoda cake!!~ So did you use the tiny cupcakes for the head? If so, how did you stick it on top of the body/big cupcakes? I am going to attempt to make this but want to be sure I have the directions right. Thanks~!...and is it really that easy??