Sunday, November 27, 2011

How to make a Shaun the Sheep cake

So here is my tutorial on how to make a Shaun the sheep cake (you could easily replicate it in smaller form for cupcakes and using premade frosting eyes).shaun

I decided this would be a fast easy cake for my 4 yr. old’s birthday, which inconveniently falls a few days after thanksgiving- and I was right- probably the easiest cake I have ever done.

So I made my favorite almond pound cake in 3- 9” rounds (that’s what a batch makes but you could have just as easily used 2-8” pans or a Bundt pan and it would be fine). IMG_7075While the cake was baking I melted down 1/2 a bag of wilton midnight black colored candy melts. (this was much faster and easier than making black fondant- and tastes as good) I created a template for the head and ears and legs and eye centers. I put he melted chocolate in a decorator bag with a wide round tip so I could pipe it out.I slid the templates under the wax paper so I could make the chocolate shapes the right size. Piped the out shapes with the decorator bag and let the chocolate sit until hardened.  I then made up one batch of my favorite buttercream frosting. I trimmed the top layer so it domed more on the top and then assembled and frosted the cake. Then I placed the face on a stuck mini marshmallows into the frosting all over until the entire things was covered (it took less than I bag of mini marshmallows) then I cut a large marshmallow in half and added the chocolate center for the eyes and and places the ears on and legs in. 9I also piped out my sons name in chocolate which I will stick up out of the top when we serve it.


Elizabeth Schoenfeld said...

where do you get the "candy melt"? Cant wait to try to do this!

Rachel said...

Hello! I am so gladI found this tutorial on Pinterest! I was wondering if this cake could be decorated with the marshmallows the day before? Do the marshmallows hold up okay? My son's 2nd birthday is coming up and he loves Shaun the Sheep, thank you!!

Elizabeth Schoenfeld said...

We did it! It came out great! We used shredded coconut and just used marshmallows for the top of his head. We used chocolate chips instead of candy melt because we didn't have any, and put the pieces int he fridge to harden. Success! Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this idea! My son asked for a Shawn the Sheep cake today (his birthday is next week) and some of the ideas I found online were so elaborate - this is much more do-able and just as recognizable and cute! I can't wait to do it. An added bonus: this particular kid loves marshmallows!

phoebelanlan said...
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phoebelanlan said...

Thanks so much for sharing this lovely idea! I made one with pina colada cake, and shared your idea with others in Chinese (crediting the source, of course!)

Susan said... - I shared your idea today on my blog and used it for my husband's birthday cake :-)

Kim B said...

Thank you! My daughter turns two tomorrow and loves Shaun the Sheep. I just made the cake tonight and it turned out so cute! It was even easy enough for my less-than-crafty self. :)

HJM said...

Thank you so much! Have made it for a special birthday for a family member who loves Shaun the sheep!

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