Thursday, August 04, 2011

this picture is the way i want to remember mothering

yah we all know it’s not like this all the time, but the best moments are—and that’s what I want to remember!


Actually --The look of elation probably has to do with the fact that I found the bottom of my new yellow swimsuit (only 2 weeks old)which had gone AWOL. It disappeared. I waited for ransom demands, they never came, I offered up rewards—no one came forward with information. I searched my whole house for 4 hrs (oh ask my husband it was a tense, thorough operation, all family members were impressed yellowinto service). As you can see it was a cute suit and I was not about to see disappear without a fight… my search included under sinks, every drawer 3x, broom closets, pantry-- you name it I looked there—I have sons I never know where I will find anything. After I gave up all hope I found it the next day- as I was carrying things to the attic. Yes it was 9 1/2 feet in the air in a tupperware cake tender top on a high cabinet in my laundry room. Obviously I did not put it there- and it did not get there by any natural means. If I had to make my guesses as a veteran mother of boys for the last 10 yrs I’d say it’s lycra spandex nature probably made it a natural candidate for slingshotting- oh tell me I love them!


kierste @ brown paper packages said...

I seriously laughed out loud. I have had more moments like that than I can count, and I love the way you wrote.

Btw--it is a darling suit, and a darling girl!

Swimmingmom said...

I LOVE that photo. I would cherish it as well. Because I'm sappy and stuff, I got a little teary eyed when I saw the picture and read the title of your post. You're the best. Thanks for always helping me laugh, learn and grow!

Jeri said...

Oye! Been there. Both with the sweet mothering scene, and the behind-the-scenes-swimsuit-makes-a-great-sling-shot craziness. Great stuff!
Darling suit.