Tuesday, August 16, 2011

just wanted to go on the record saying

that people should give playlists better titles… like…

“makes me feel sappy and nostalgic for being 16 and slow dancing with boys”

“makes me shake it while I cook dinner”

“I hope none of my neighbors hear me listening to this cheesy music—because really I am not a cheesy person”

“things I listen to annoy my kids”

“songs that help me stay up till 2 am painting”

“dang it I don’t care what anyone says I really like the Bee Gees”

IMG_2009or at least those were accurate descriptions for some of the thing is was compiling on spotify the other day… after all I am all about descriptions and creativity (and verbosity). I have a long tradition of creative naming. In college it was a tradition, amongst my roommates, that all mix tapes included the name Jermaine in the title—(after a basketball player who always needed my help in freshman physical science class). Suffice it to say lame people title their playlist things like “work out music” or “love songs”. And if you are a playlist titling novice you can always fall back on “play it again, jermaine”

(and yes that’s me cutting the rug with my 3 year old at my cousins wedding last weekend- I was also going to start in on why people over 30 are afraid to dance but I’ll save that for another day…)

so what are your playlists really all about?


LL said...

Dellilah would be proud!

LizzyP said...

"songs that work like caffeine in the morning"

the "listen to this before Dan gets home because he will mock me mercilessly"

yep. I have a pandora station like that last one.

Robyn said...

Hi Leslie,
I first found your blog via Segullah, which I have been a fan of for some years...having a friend, Heather Sundahl of Belmont, MA (BYU friend from Israel Study Abroad, 1988) who has written something for it...and a fan of Kathryn Sober's mommy book.
I just want to comment a couple of things that stand out and make me feel a kinship with you: I have always been a devoted Bee-Gees fan, I love to dance (I am 43 and wonder why white people -which includes me- don't enjoy life & parties by dancing) and became enamored of the Latinos as a missionary among them: every month a 'family' dance/ward party happened with delicious food, laughter, music, and dancing. Gringos (and gringo wards) are mostly boring, even after being home from my mission for 20ish years, I still seek out the activities of the Spanish ward in my stake.
And I am an unusually verbose person (in writing, probably more than speaking, possibly...) as this note to someone I've never met will prove. Which you mention in a recent blog post.
Playlists: my blog playlist in a compilation of the varied and fantastic music that makes me sing with a passion, dance--alone or with my kids--and just makes me smile. I am a little bit older (is 8 years "a little"??) and, as I sense some kindredness between us, you might like my playist; your only disappointment might lay in my title (not original, but it was my first playlist and I only have 2 others...so far). But it's a fantastic playlist: "Rob's playlist" which can be heard on my blog, which is far from as interesting or updated as yours, but I go in spurts when I have time, and mostly just journal & post photos of things our family does; www.robynandteds.blogspot.com

Lastly, hopefully, we live in a small town, the hamlet of Haslet, population 3,000 maybe...but moved here from your current neck of the woods, Manchester, NH, and I wish I had knows about blogging then, to document and highlight all the wonderful things New England offers (as well as the obscene amounts of snow and ice). We lived six years there and took full advantage, visiting every state within 10 hours (which is A LOT, especially compared to Texas, where you can drive 10 hours in some directions and no leave the state: depressing).
Anyway, i hope you don't mind this note: when I read about dancing (not enough adults do it) although, as mentioned, I have only noticed it with the caucasian folk: all my Latino friends love to dance, even in the kitchen and den for birthday parties, my African & Middle Eastern friends, they all love to dance, it seems, and so the "why don't people dance?" really, really resonated with me! Then there was the Bees Gees written on your posting (very rare indeed!) and in the Segullah bio: BYU, championing global causes, encouraging play & traveling the world: all a vivid description of my life and loves.

So, I had to say "hello" to greet someone that I am sure I would love to know, to go dancing with, and to whip up creative concoctions for our kids and our dance parties. :)

Have a beautiful (how can you not in New England) Christmas!

Robyn (Machan) Buckwalter
outskirts of Fort Worth, TX
Raised in Scottsdale, AZ and SLC area, BYU 1986-93 (a couple of study abroads, a mission and a double major, life was good!!) Still is.