Friday, June 04, 2010

so if we’re not friends on facebook…

Well this is what you are missing…actually I thought it would be funny to pull highlights for last months status updates (because i have been to busy to blog these small tidbits give a great rehash of the month)… i know i could tweet but brevity is not my strong suit—i need the full range of generous 420 characters that FB provides…so here are this months highlights:pi

for thousands of years,millions of stubborn 2 yr olds have tried to tell their moms they know a better way to put on the underwear...but in the end they all break down and put one leg in each hole and realize backwards and inside out is less learn from history -- son! also putting your legs through the... sleeves of a moroccan soccer jersey does not make it into shorts! 5-22-2010

think i must be losing my sense of empathy and compassion--it is strangely enjoyable to feed bugs to my sons venus flytrap and watch them clamp shut on their prey 5-20-2010

crafting 5" mini 3-D yoda out of cake and fondant-- this better win me mom of the year!because mini yoda-eyelids could only = mother love or else mental instability! 5-18-2010

conversation of the week--my 4 yo: "Mom, if you wanted to talk in Jordan you should just get a C3PO. He knows all the languages!"
me: "Oh great idea son, I'll should pick one up before my next trip :)-- and it would be really cool have to have in the playroom." (obviously 3 months after my trip my lacking arabic skills ...are still troubling my young child -- but gold star for a very creative solution) 5-14-2010

husband is so blinded by love he agreed to reupholster 2 chairs for me (so either after 11 yrs I have still got it-- (or he's more of a sucker than I thought-- poor guy with pliers pulling out hundreds upon hundreds of staples) but happy to report first chair is now half done! 5-13-2010

so my husband just said - "how come there are so many hospital shows and no shows about engineers..." My answer-- "because honey... it's too hot... a bunch of guys laying out PCBs and checking tolerances, modelling things at their computers, & sitting in project meetings- I don't think the public is ready for that kin...d of excitement yet- maybe in a few years..." 5-7-2010

kids if you are going to stamp all over your bodies with my self-inking date stamper- you really should at least set the date right... credit to my 2 year for thinking to stamp his belly and soles of his feet and to my 4 year old for stamping his own forehead! 5-5-2010

has finally gotten smart and remembered to look out the window to be sure there was no wind before putting on a skirt this morning...5-3-2010

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LL said...

i'm glad we're friends.
on Facebook and in real life!