Thursday, April 12, 2007

easter review

Well the Easter bunny found it's way to our house- and managed to leave a nice assortment of candies. I am proud to say smart son is a boy after my own heart- growing up i was the master Easter egg hunter (It is something I don't lose at- like the game scattergories- I have never lost a round- i think that is why smart daddy-o hates playing it with me- a guaranteed loss-I challenge anyone to a game). Egg hunting was always an a sore subject with my sister who was two yrs my senior, because when it came to egg hunt totals I always far exceeded hers. Smart son loves the hunt as much as I do and we do it over and over again in our house (cheap simple thrills here). This year we also went to the town library egg hunt- each child got 10 eggs and 1 mystery egg which they got to trade in for the prize of their choosing. I have to say i was impressed- first of all the candy in the eggs was really good candy- not the junky kinds they usually use at community egg hunts and then the mystery egg prizes- whoa-- This was what smart son got for his mystery egg- a 20$ hardcover book on the worlds of the star wars trilogy- as we were leaving the town center he said "Wow this is the coolest prize I have ever won!" I didn't knwo what tp say- that wasn't the kind of stuff i got at my egg hunts growing up. Since then he has been busy teaching smart baby how to say Dagoboth, Hoth, Tatooine, Endor, etc. Thats one egg hunt i won't be missing again.

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