Sunday, February 11, 2007

I have to get relax

So smart daddy-o and I leave this weekend for a 6 days in puerto rico without kids. I am feeling stressed out- why? When i should be so excited to actually get on a plane without a stroller, carseat, and schlepload of stuff. Because I am afraid of not being prepared enough to relax. See I am someone who always likes to be prepared- I have been told by friends that i could easily be chosen as "an ingenious person i would most like to be stranded on an island with (especially if if that meant I could bring all my worldly possessions)" because I always seem to have all the right stuff- you name the scenario I have got it covered (and that coupled with my McGuyver-ish skills- watch out). Thanks to this penchant for preparedness --I am a heavy packer- I cannot stand waking up and not having a choice of outfits, or snack options, or projects to occupy my time. (and no smart daddy-o i can't spend 30 min the night before haphazaradly tossing a few things and a pair of shoes in a bag.) So my packing process is complicated by days of imagining different scenarios and moods.
Currently I am mired in these dilemmas-Have I downloaded all the songs i want for my trip? (or is there one song i will just be wishing i had for beach basking?) Do I have some good books and magazines set aside? (or will i burn through what i have on one plane leg and be wishing i had some for my lounging hours?) Now that i will actually be able to enjoy those things. Have I planned the itinerary so as to maximize enjoying all puerto rico has to offer without putting myself on schedule and forcing myself out of bed when what i crave most in the world is relaxing and sleeping in? Do I have summer clothes that fit me, that i will feel cute and travelish in? Do I have shoes for all my various activities (i hate sneakers by the way)?
The irony of it all half the things i would most love to do without the interruptions of young ones would be a couple day painting marathon (i have been out of my groove but i am feeling a painting binge coming on) and a week of uninterrupted of total house sort and organization! but i guess i'll have to settle for island paradise!


best day ever said...

cracking up at the word travelish, LOL.

wondering what songs you are planning on *maybe* basking in the sun to?

You make me laugh. Hope you have a wonderful trip--may you feel cute and travelish the whole time!

smart mama said...

the most recent song pics-

through any window- wisely
i turn my camera on- spoon
it ends tonight- all american rejects

i will just enjoy the break form listening to the boys pics of dog train and philadelphia chickens albums all day

anniepall said...

this made me laugh because that is how my mind works when planning something big. especially something like a trip to a foreign country. that is huge. i have no advice, because i am the same way. paul is always wanting me to relax and just take everything in stride and it just doesn't work for me. i make lost of lists.

Lei said...

oh boy, we have so much in common. good to know there's another lunatic out there when it comes to "being prepared". ;) Lol!

Gabriela said...

Have a great time!!!!!

RELAX!!! You deserve it!

Mamacita Tina said...

"...settle for island paradise!" crack me up! I'm sure you'll be inspired to paint while on vacation. Have a great time!

Zoe said...

Ohhhh! Have fun and RELAX!! :)

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