Friday, December 08, 2006

just when i thought i could resume normal blogging

life goes crazy-
smart son (5) got croup (he gets it at least once a year and we usually have to go to the ER 50% of the time- but this year was extra bad and he had to go to the ER via ambulance) So yes picture me and smart daddy-o and smart son standing at the top of the driveway waiting for the ambulance add to this picture that it is 20 degrees outside (we are trying to use the cold air to smart son breathe)- but in the dire throws of respiratory compromise there is not time for even a coat or shoes for a mom- my own demise from exposure was mediated only by the fact that i was wearing this warm but excessively ugly GAP red hooded sweatshirt (circa 1990- that I wear only in my house in times of extreme cold- never in public) and still by the light of the pale moon the policeman (while giving smart son oxygen as we await the ambulance) says, "Hey didn't your son get locked in the house a few years ago?"
Is my town really that small?that was almost 4 years ago! Must I bear that shame forever!

So of course that of course yielded a sleepless night for all filled with the excitement of the ER (happy to report thanks to 4 rounds of albuterol and some steroids smart son is doing ok) & a subsequent follow-up with the pediatrician, the pharmacy, (and I squeezed in 10 min run into Marshall's where i scored the last thing on smart baby's (18 mo) list at 50% off the normal price!) getting back to throw dinner together for one of our friends who was in town (P.S. great Christmas tip- the festive decorations and dim lights can hide a multitude of housekeeping sins).
The next few nights sleep were interrupted by smart son having terrible coughing fits lasting for hours- he couldn't go more than 30 seconds without coughing and us trying ever liquid beverage, food, cool mist vaporizer, chest percussion, positioning, distraction and relaxation techniques imaginable in our futile attempt to squelch the coughing. I also taught a painting class at smart son's school, we had swim lessons, I taught a painting class for women from church while smart daddy-o was off enjoying dinner and blue man group with his work, I was also madly trying to crank out Christmas cards, bday party invites, a dbl batch of sugar cookies, and about 500 other things. I have also endured much shrieking (yes smart baby is still in that lovely phase) and even remained sane even after having a fork and bowl of stuffing hurdled at me by my disgruntled pint sized eater!

I am also happy to report we have have secured some elusive toy items for smart son but only with much hardship and exertion!
So I am running on fumes --starting to have slurred speech- a sign i need to get into bed- but there is something so depressing in going to bed and knowing you really won't get all the sleep you want or need! knowing tomorrow i need to get through ornament day at smart son's school, get to a store 35 min away to pick up a reserved item, and i am responsible for closing "reading" at our church Christmas party- So hopefully you are busy with your own festivities, kissing under mistletoe, eating cookies, and buying gifts, & drinking hot chocolate, and reading the Christmas story and you haven't missed me. I will be back...


Lei said...

it's an unwritten rule, everything collides around the holidays... perhaps it is the reason for more cheer in the air, so we survive. :)

hang in there!

Stephanie said...

I think we both need to practice saying "No". Ready


I am so glad Smartson is okay. There is nothing more scary than a sick child.

These crazy days will be over soon, at least that is what I keep telling myself.

steph said...

(((HUGS)))!!! I hope that you get some good rest soon!!!

Gabriela said...

So sorry about smart son. My kids have croup about once a year too. We have only had one trip to the ER with it though. I had it a few weeks ago before bronchitis, it really isn't a good feeling.

hope he's doing much better. Take care of him and yourself!

(my oldest got locked in a friend's apartment when she was 18 months-scary! I can't believe that guy remembered you!)